chp 4 pg5

Trystan isn’t used to so much attention all at once.

Hey everyone, just some quick updates. I’m starting to near the end of my pregnancy so things are going to get a little tough for me this and next month. I’m still working out details to my hiatus, but I will most likely be making a call for guest comics and perhaps some kind of fan art contest to keep things going while i’m recovering from those first “dreadful” few weeks that all my friends with children have been warning me about XD. I’m open to contest suggestions for theme or guidelines (i know not everyone is an artist).

  • Kendra

    So… I’m confused. Are they on Trystan’s side, or are they trying to make trouble for her?

    • Christy

      This chapter is our first real introduction to the kids. Their intentions will become more apparent over the next few chapters.

      • comic.phile

        I knew there had to be more to it than siblingly love

    • bob

      They are her siblings so I assume both

    • Kimsie

      Bit of both, I’d imagine.
      1) Trystan being who she is is rather embarrassing… Get her an actual apprenticeship.
      2) They’ll look better by comparison.

  • cynthia

    I’ll help!

    Perhaps some babyfanart? Trystan as a child!

  • Guesticus

    Okay, what are those two up to? They are up to something, and it can’t be good for little Trys (and the mother is a complete social-climbing troll)

  • ZI

    i just started reading it today i like the way its going an congrats on your soon to come baby boy or girl i’m an older brother of 5 an its going to be like your friends said hard weeks once become a mama bear always be a mama bear ;)

  • Cat26

    When does ‘Forgotten Order’ update?

    • Christy

      Once a week, usually on a Monday. :)

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