chp 4 pg 28

Not very romantic Mister…

GroundhogDivine_ChristyBontrager_previewimageSo I am taking part in an art show “The Murray Affair“.  It’s at the Public Works in San Francisco on Friday, August 8th.  If you like Bill Murray and live in the bay area than this is an event you don’t want to miss! But you may wat to get tickets ASAP b/c over a thousand people have already RSVPed to this thing, and who knows, maybe the main man himself will make an appearance ( I doubt it but crazier things have happened).
I have one piece in the show, my love letter to “Groundhogs Day” which is probably my favorite romantic comedy of all time. For those of you unfamiliar with the film, its about an unpleasant news reporter who gets stuck in a timewarp and has to relive February 2nd over and over and over again.
So good…

Also Ive been playing around on Ustream this past week, keep an eye out for updates on my twitter or Facebook if you ever want to watch me draw or chat it up.

  • Aaron

    This page looks great; I love the way you contrast between the dream and the waking world!
    (Just FYI, you’ve got this page and the last one both marked as Page 27.)

  • Guesticus

    ‘Preform’ should be ‘Perform’

    “Only a skilled magician… or a (umm, sorry to break the chain of thought, but what are the non-dreaming Dreamer and her kind again? Totems? Fetishes? Idols? one of thems) of a skilled magician”

    • Christy

      ack, I will correct the page when i get home tonight. Thanks.

  • Lemax

    Even though Perrane claims that his spell of protection doesn’t work, that doesn’t explain why Kay was unable to meet in his dreams for 50 years.

    • Guesticus

      But, isn’t that tree in the real physical waking world? Or at least the access point is

    • Christy

      Lemax when i read your comment my head spun for a brief moment and than i remembered this explanation was hinted at a million years ago on this page from chapter 1
      It might of also been mentioned in the shops scenes but i dont have time to check atm.

      Horcace’s shop was a lot of protections in place to prevent mischief (given the variety of dangerous trinkets he has sitting on his shelves). It was enough that it kept the owl away until Kay was freed from the cupboard but also interrupted other kinds of magic (perhaps related to what Perrane is discussing in the next few pages).

  • tinwatchman

    Man, not liking the way he says “obsession”…

  • ArtCat

    Didnt realize before now, but the symbol in Perranes book resembles a Dreamwaver. Great touch to details there Miss.

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