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Trystan Wicker
The unfortunate daughter of the Wicker family. It is speculated that her undeveloped skills in magic are a result of a long time childhood illness which often leaves her weak and fatigued. This has cost her an apprenticeship and acceptance in the eyes of the very strict and formal Fauni society

Lady Wicker
Trystan’s Mother. A descendant of the Bricken House and native citizen to White Wall City.  Many years ago there was quite a scandal when she left town only to return married to a mysterious man from the north. She now sequesters herself to her residence; rarely leaving. Talk around town is she can no longer endure the pressures of high society.


“Oldman” Wicker
Trystan’s loving yet overprotective Father. A master herbalists and Apothecary, he has spent years wandering the wilds and back roads collecting samples and recipes to further his art. A relative newcomer to White Wall City, he is looked upon by most residences as an eccentric hermit.


Horace Bricken
Trystan’s Uncle and Owner of the once respected Oribel’s tradeshop. He sometimes allows Trystan to “help” around his shop in order to not begrudge his Sister, Lady Wicker.


Blair Bricken
Trystan’s cousin. Pfffft…



AKA “Stupid cow”. Real name unknown. Bone doll servant to the last few generations of the Bricken Family and the unofficial tradeshop mascot. Its presence gives Horace and Blair the genuine creeps. It was banished for a time to the basement but after an incessant amount of wailing it was returned to the front of the shop where it now keeps a mostly silent watch over the main counter.


The Dreamer/???
A cursed dream traveler in search of a memory. She is strangely drawn to another dreamer known as “Perrane”.


The Unmasked Dreamer/Perrane?
Physical Identity unknown. A mysterious dream traveler who claims to be immortal.


An astral being that takes the form of an owl. The dreamer is not quite sure why it follows her around, only that it brings her here.



So. Just caught up an hour ago. I REALLY like that little bone doll/dreamer. I look forward to reading more and I only regret that this only comes out once a week.

I just finished reading all that there is to read. I love the story and the art, and I am DEFINITELY coming back to read more. I NEED MORE.

I JUST discovered you, and I immediately love you. Congratulations on the new family member; I very selfishly hope that the pressures and extra time required of a sprout won’t rob me of my infatuation with your story, and art. Please keep it coming so I can see how this all ends, and how your next story begins. You’re magically awesome.

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