posted Jun.21.17 at 04:54 pm

Answer the question Lady!

Alright, Page has finally been cleaned up! Toby needs to gauge the threat level.

Those who follow the comic's social media are aware of my extreme computer issues. Last week Windows auto updated to "10 Create" and it caused a critical failure on my computer. At the moment I cannot access any part of it nor would it even let me reset or wipe the hard drive, no BIOS, nothing. It is banished to the corner for now and my husband set me up on his machine before he left on a business trip, which means I wasted a lot of time figuring out all my preferences, photoshop settings, and transferring backed up comic files. Unfortunately, the two newest pages were casualties of this crash (I backup once a month, obviously it wasn't enough). All this coincided with my mother visiting me in Sweden for the first time so stuff is late and the quality is..interesting. I salvaged the page's inks from a low res image I Posted to Patreon but it needs a lot of cleanup because details got distorted (Check out Trystan's weird eyebrows in the second to last panel). This page is NOT done, but i really wanted to post something up. Hopefully I'm back on track soon, but seriously the whole thing was really annoying. Also, don't update your PCs.