posted Dec.11.17 at 07:06 am


Hi everyone, Hope this dream interlude doesnt feel too long (but I love me some owl art). We will be back to normal pages soon.

For those of you feeling conflicted about the recent Patreon update, dont hesitate to post any thoughts or comments to me (or Patreon). I will be unlocking more posts to public view so old low level donors can still view sketches and Phinny comics. Perhaps I can find an alternative in the future. Any support is welcome though, whether thru Patreon or my paypal ( 

To both past and present supporters, Thank you all for your help, your pledges over these last few years have helped this comic continue to have updates and have gotten me thru some rough patches with job gaps, moves, a baby, and computer failures. I hope some of you (if not all of you) stick around.

And for those who can't give finacial support, thank you for the pages views, the lovely comments, and spreading the word. Even now, Im honestly surprised people read any of my stuff. XD

Love you all!