Fauni FairyTale - The Exiled Prince 01
Posted May 20, 2019 at 06:54 am

I am back! And we are kicking off this chapter with a new Fairy Tale. This tale is actually part four of the Tower mage wars nice it takes place directly after the fall of BlueDeep and AutumnFall , but I think it deserved its own title. If you remember the past stories, The Exiled Prince sent out his Knights to reclaim his father's horns. Without their power, his sibling's towers crumbled and fell (and in one case blew up). His siblings were kind of jerks.

In the past I said these stories were more for fun and world building, not the actual plot. Just Kidding, these stories have always been important, I just decided recently that they are a more direct way to setup this upcoming chapter. It has been a long time planning, but it is nice to see all these guys together. We are wrapping up book 2 soon. 

Thank you all again for your feedback and comments on some of the changes. There will be more Perrane/Mist Knight in the future, so let me know your thoughts.