Chapter Break Fan Art week pt4
Posted July 21, 2016 at 05:15 pm

We hasss our final fan artsss for the comic break. It is the Wickers! Phinny never sees thiss guy. Wickers alwaysss outside in the greenhoussse, all day, all night sometimesss. Mari and Merri hates thisss guy. They sssay hes quiet and creepiesss, I dont know why, seemsss like a good guy to me.

Phinnysss job is almossst done now! Book 2 beginsss soon! Come backs Mondaysss for new pagesss.
Ok Byesss!


Hey guys, this weeks fan art is from Susanna MacEachen! A sensitive portrait of Wicker, we will learn more about him and his past in time.
Thank you all for hanging out while I get Book 2 started. Im really excited to put pages up next week! Yes we are coming to my favorite part of the chapter breaks XD