The Tower Wars Pt3 08
Posted July 23, 2018 at 07:23 am

Hello everyone, I hope your enjoying the chapter break. I know it is a long one but I really needed a few weeks off to get my story and art together for the next chapter (not to mention reset my brain and get back the lost passion from the inevitable fatigue of weekly updates). I'm also out on vacation traveling with my family, so I might be slow to update any mistakes. But Chapter 3 starts in August and I hope to see you all there!

I've seen some questions in the comments about the Fauni Fables so I will add some background here. First off, these stories are written in a style of a parable, which is why the characters and plot are very simplistic. It needs to be bite sized with some kind of moral. My old drafts of these fairy tales were much longer and had more background on the Tower Mages , their inner family politics, histories, and that sort of thing. Basically it is a distillation of a lot of my world building notes.

A few years ago when I first wrote these I thought of them more like fun background notes, but now I think they have become a big part of Forgotten Order's lore. The Light Prince and his Knights are important, and as much as I would love to draw up full epic chapters on their adventures, I don't have the extra years to devote to that, so this is all just a taste really. But these guys will have their place in the main story line someday.

Thanks for reading