Chp2 pg26
Posted March 18, 2013 at 12:00 am
“White Wall City” known for it’s white wall….

* Quick Announcement- we are almost to the end of chapter 2, when it concludes there will be a short break (with some mini comic updates) and than we will be back with chapter 3 ! *

Though more information will be revealed with story now is a good time to share a little extra background on this place. The Fauni are a somewhat xenophobic people who take great measures to keep undesirables out. There is no doubt that without the wall they would be frequently raided for their magical treasures and commodities (which are highly valued and sought after by this world's non-magical races, i.e. Humans).
The Guards of the white wall keep an eye on things with the assistance of a “guardian” which is summoned and controlled by them using a special stone. The Guardians themselves can’t really hurt you (technically they aren’t really alive either) but they can raise the alarm if they see or sense anything suspicious in or around the city. (A bone doll, being a creature bound by an especially dark kind of magic, would be in easy target). They will also reprimand local fauni if they catch them engaging in dangerous or illegal magic within the city.