Chapter 6 pg00
Posted May 25, 2015 at 12:00 am coming.

And we are back to normal updates! Thanks for your patience.

Since I've been on break for a while I thought I celebrate by doing something a little different. As some of you may know I work in the games industry as an artist for a living, but I usually don't have the time to play games as mush as I used to. So just for the fun of it I'm gonna sit down for 2 hours next week and broadcast a game session on Twitch�.

I will also be answering any questions you have for me in chat about comics, or art, or games or what ever. The event will be on�Proto Ludum�- which is my Husband's twitch channel, so if you like watching someone die again and again in The Lone Dark �or Subnautica- it may be the stream for you!
To make things more interesting I recently picked up 2 very different games to try out and I want you guys to vote which one I should play! One is a Japanese styled dating sim where I have to woo a pigeon to be my boyfriend, the other option is a horror game where i play a toddler navigating what I can only imagine is some kind of lovecraftian hellscape. I have not played these games before but either way I think I will be terrified. �So tell me readers- which looks the most fun to stream!

I will announce the Game next update and the stream will be June 4th- 8pm Pacific time.
I also heard tale that Twitch is also now allowing non game related art casts, if this is the case I may move my patreon drawing streams off Livestream (well see how I like it). BTW- you can watch a video of me drawing the chapter cover on livestream- check it out before its taken down forever.
Thanks guys- cant wait to share this next chapter of the comic with you!