Book2 chp 2.01
Posted September 25, 2017 at 12:01 am

In case you all forgot, Puddles is a good pupper who likes lots of pets and snuggles.

Hello, Happy Fall everyone!

The story continues, here is a quick recap. Thomas stumbled across Trystan and Kay after they became lost in the woods. Now the trio is returning to his village to help Trystan get back on route to the locomotive to Northrim (Home of the Northrim's Academy for Mages and the magically adept) where Trystan hopes to earn an internship and prove that she can learn magic as well as any other Fauni. Trystan might of also accidentally promised to help Thomas find his lost dog, "Puddles" with her magical powers. Of course, poor Thomas doesn't know that Trystan's witchly skills are less than...stellar.