Mother - book 2 chp6 17
Posted October 3, 2022 at 07:22 am

When the mirror doesn't go your way.

Hi everyone, we are in the spooky month now and I'm back with a new page! Things have been a little hectic for me and I was dealing with a sprained finger issue the last few days, but I seem to have recovered now.

The webtoons version has posted another update, but soon will go on a bi-weekly schedule.  Thank you again to everyone who showed the comic some support on the app, The Forgotten Order has been featured all last week as a "fresh pick" so we are gaining new readers now! If you are new, Welcome, please enjoy the massive archive.  Pretty soon the webtoons will be on a mostly biweekly update, as I don't want it to take much more focus from comic production time. Also, since it was asked, I would just like to affirm that webtoon does not make me any money and is not my main focus, this site is! So please don't feel pressured to switch to the mobile version.