Fauni FairyTale - The Moon Knight 06
Posted April 6, 2020 at 08:12 am

“All who have forgotten will be forgotten! I will never rest until all are taken! ” 

The spirit shrieked and knocked the little knight down with vicious ease.

The girl was filled with terror but just as the Spirit was upon her she cried, “But I have not forgotten Zvestren!’”

The spirit withered at her words. “You have remembered my name this night! I shall not take, but be warned, next full moon I shall have twice what was denied me!” and the spirit shrank back into the shadows and disappeared.

On the next fullmoon the little knight returned to the ruins, and sure enough the spirit appeared once more. Again she spoke the name and the angry spirit vowed to take double what it was denied. And thus she did this ritual every full moon after. 

Well at least old Zvestren wont be lonely anymore.

Hi everyone, Last time I talked about a book for young children now next up on my quarantine recommended reading list is a comic book for a slightly aged up audience, The Hilda series by Luke Pearson. Hilda feels sort of like Adventure Time meets Nordic folktales. There are trolls, tiny elves, and weird beasts that populate this world. Hilda is always full or curiosity to understand the creatures that live around her mountain home and befriend them if she can.

These books are perfect for grade school kids as they are whimsical, weird in a cute way, and non offensive. I have a nice Hardback copy of “HIlda and the Midnight Giant” that my son treasures very much. The stories themselves are very episodic and can be enjoyed out of order.

The Netflix animated series is based directly from these books and it is pretty awesome. From what i can tell it is a mostly faithful adaption and was my introduction to the series. So read it and watch it I guess.