posted Aug.29.16 at 12:01 am

Maeve, a woman of few words. 

Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback from last week. For those who wish to preorder an owl pin please check out the section below. Shipping prices and product details have changed! Everyone else, This blog section will return to its normal ramblings soon  XD

I had a very long conversation with the post master last week about shipping 1 ounce of metal in a bubble mailer. Basically I can get a cheaper international shipping price depending on the whim of the person working that day I do have a better rate now, but it might take me a few tries at the counter to find that specific post person who was nice enough to click a few extra buttons on the computer to make the rate half the price of a parcel XD 

Making multiple orders, have questions? Email me please and I will make you a special Invoice so your shipping doesnt double. (

Please select shipping option


New Specs:
Hard Enamel
Silver metal
Glow in the dark enamel (white/green)
Epoxy coating (protects metal from tarnish and enamel from scratching)
1.5" tall
Production time approx: 3 weeks + shipping time
This Preview is just a mock up, please be aware the final product may differ slightly (dont worry though, Im a picky buyer and working directly wiht the designer to make sure production is top quality). I will a post pic of the product when the company gets back to me.

This is the specs for the "Ghost" Preorder pin! The preorder price is cheaper than what the actual store price will be ($10 now vs $12) so jump on it now if youd like a deal without having to wait for a sale.
One of my favorite things about this pin is the glow color, Trystan has green colored magic and now that she has influenced Ghost, It too will take on that color. 

I will keep this preorder button up until the owls leave the factory but please try to order sooner than later! Your preorders help offset the initial cost and it is a huuuge help to me! If for some reason you change your mind on your preorder or have any questions/concerns, send me an email and we will work something out! (do not send pay pal money to this email!)

Thanks a bilion! Im so excited to get these made!